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Da Bao Robot

The commercial robot launched by P2N, as the representative of Protruly’s first commercial service robot, creates a smart all-marketing platform for food and beverage, hotel, supermarket, pension, buildings, finance and other industries, helping physical stores turn consumers into high-sticky-persistent consumers; with its strong performance, it can meet the demand of all kinds of enterprises for repetitive jobs in the service, replace the corresponding staff, save manpower cost and management cost for enterprises, promote service efficiency and thus achieves the commercial fundamental purpose of continuous profit.

The application of the Dabao commercial robot will be adhering to the Protruly Group P2N Technology’s "smart hardware + store" strategic planning, through the "smart hardware + physical stores+ Internet + new media" business model, with Dabao commercial robot as the carrier, and will provide all kinds of industries with online and offline in the integration of the whole marketing solutions for the traditional industries’ development and helping unicorn companies stand out, exploring a billion robot market’s new blue ocean.

Protruly Group P2N Technology’s CEO Wang Hao said: Dabao commercial robots as a 7x24 hours super staff of enterprise, it adopts the "Internet +" innovative design ideas and the robot hardware as the carrier, the Internet application software as the tool, sub-industry solutions as the operational direction. With functions like office, entertainment, load and service, it is widely used in services such as hotel, catering, business, finance, real estate, pension, building and so on. It can replace the repetitive work, improve the operation efficiency and save labor cost and management cost for the enterprise, promoting the innovation and upgrading of the traditional service industry.