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Love in Hunan flooded areas, Protruly held a donation ceremony

Pubtime:2017-08-07 Browse number:482

Heavy rain attacked Hunan Province since 22th June. As of 4th July, according to preliminary statics, around 11.5 million people from 14 cities, 118 counties and 1621 towns are affected, 879.6 hectares crops and 38.6 thousand buildings were destroyed.



One in trouble, assistance comes from. Nationwide donation for Hunan Province activities are held spontaneously. In the morning of July 7, a donation ceremony was held at the 29th floor of the Group's headquarters building, which received the positive response from the staff. The company was awarded the donation ceremony. People donated money and living materials for the people of disaster areas, sent a warmth and greetings, hoping to help the affected people through the storm, restore production and living order, rebuilt their homes as soon as possible.  



Public welfare is the enterprise's social responsibility. Since its inception, Protruly enthusiastic social welfare undertakings, care for vulnerable groups, organizations and participate in charitable activities, provide donations and relief to weakness groups, and actively committed to the economic and social benefits of the steady and balanced. Protruly at the same time called for more enterprises and individuals involved in the community to contribute to the community, dedication and love, build a harmonious society.