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Built up scene style of intelligent life based on intelligent sales platform

Pubtime:2017-08-07 Browse number:1196

Recently, the 2017 China (Shenzhen) intelligent hardware + industry application innovation conference was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, nearly five hundred industrial guests join in the event. Protruly Group Director, Vice President Yanghui Chen was interviewed by the media.



Q: Nice to meet you, Mr. Chen, the topic of Smart hardware has never been so hot as it is now and the competition has become more and more intense, In the context of industry continuously update environment, how dose Protruly keeping a competitive advantage?


A: Protruly regard the Darling, Hezhong Bao, lucky shake series intelligent terminal hardware as an entrance to adapted in personal, automobile, family, physical business, stores and public places to get the big data, combine the new media platform with ‘ interesting, talent shows, star booming, grand prize ‘ guidelines, gather the big data analysis system and cloud technology platform, deeply research the massive data to convert the temporary customer to long-term customers, build up an’ intelligent hardware + new media + Internet + segments of business model’ cross border platform for all walks of life.


Along with the development of artificial intelligence technology and sensor technology, the interaction between people and computers becomes more perfect, the wearable devices, intelligent Home Furnishing, intelligent robots, intelligent cloud screen has been popular, the entire intelligent ecology already has the foundation of the Internet of things. Based on the internet of things, regard the platform of intelligent hardware as entrance, Protruly full cross marketing platform brings not only the connection between objects and objects, but also the content and services associated with the various scenes of various services can be spread to your life, this scene can be home, community, shopping, travel, health care and a series of supporting services, intelligent life bring multi scene, multi terminal for people.


Millions of users of intelligent life scene connection is formed by a user behavior data pool of resources. In fact, in the user's purchase behavior, user demand is not easy to find. For businesses, through Protruly marketing platform, access to a variety of dimensions of user profiling data, better understand the needs of users, thereby improving the product, optimize services.


Q: Poor product experience, untimely service are the weakness of intelligent hardware industry, what are the outstanding advantages of Protruly intelligent hardware?


A:Protruly mastering the core technologies of multiple segments in the high-end electronic video industry, has established its competitive advantage based on precision optical-mechanical electronics + biological intelligent algorithm core technology and has rich experience on all-weather imaging, panoramic imaging, stereoscopic imaging, virtual reality imaging and augmented reality imaging. The company developed a series of high-end image grabbing, analysis, display, transmission and processing technology as the core of the intelligent hardware products, as well as the cloud platform video technology as the foundation, to provide high-end video solutions for customers.


The Protruly platform intelligent hardware is an innovative upgrade and upgrading of intelligent hardware. Based on networking and vision technology, embedded microprocessor and intelligent operating system, with communication access function, cloud computing and big data function, can display through a variety of intelligent terminal


al hardware (smart cloud screen, intelligent robots, VR smart phone, etc.), connecting all walks of life between intelligent terminal and cloud services, process big data collection, analysis and application, build up a cross-border, full marketing platform.


Protruly using the platform intelligent hardware as carrier, gather the Talent show, lottery, fun activities, etc. satisfy the customer with great enjoyment, provide intelligent and convenient lifestyle; to help merchants build an intelligent platform include business channel, media, business, marketing and other multi functions, greatly enhance the brand image and popularity, so that operators can really return to the essential of the business to achieve high profit business.