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Mr. Haolin Zhou, the secretary of Protruly Group director board, receive the title of "Top 100 excellent secretary of public company”

Pubtime:2017-08-07 Browse number:1287

On May 23, organized by survey institute and Tencent Securities, co-organized by the Pingan Securities, the second “Top 100 excellent secretary of public company” was officially announced, Protruly Group secretary Haolin Zhou stand out of many candidates from Shenzhen and Shanghai companies, won the award.



Compare with the first session of this poll, the second session add the listed company executive vote section, not only voted by the institutes and the analysts. There are more than 7500 voters join in this poll, 50% increase than the first session.



During the period of Haolin Zhou's tenure, he made outstanding contributions to the company's standardized operation, capital operation and investor management, the company operated well. Previously, Mr. HaoLin Zhou has been the "excellent secretaries" title of the Securities Times. As an outstanding representative of the Chinese listed company secretaries, his rewards have confirmed his exemplary contributions in the healthy development of listed companies and capital markets.