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Protruly Group moved to the new site, opened a new journey of development

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May 9, Protruly Group’s celebration for moving to the new address was held in the CSCES Steel Structure Building. Group Chairman Zhuang Min gave a brief speech at the celebration, the following is the content of the speech:


Hello, everyone of Protruly Group!


Today our headquarters officially moved into the Shenzhen Houhai headquarter base in CSCES Steel Structure Building, the end of the situation that our offices are scattered the past few years.


Protruly Group moved to CSCES Steel Structure Building


The relocation has maintained the style of our enterprise, pragmatic, efficient and no formalism. Protruly is an enterprise that takes technology innovation as the source driving force. Only by developing good technology, making good products, exploring achievable business model, having a good performance and social influence can we better motivate ourselves, get investors and the community's recognition and navigate Protruly this big ship toward a broader far away cutting through the wind and waves.


Protruly Group’s Chairman Zhuang Min making a speech


I hope everyone to overcome the short-term maladjustment of daily life and habits caused by the relocation and to focus on creating conditions to quickly restore our combat effectiveness! We should take this move as a catalyst to optimize the efficiency of our business operations and promote the progress of our work!


Leaders of Protruly Group and its subsidiaries taking a group photo


Thanks the logistics staff for your efforts in the relocation. The decoration, the move and our usual work proceeded at the same time, we didn’t have any external activities and the activity today is only a small ceremony of which the time of holding was selected according to the traditional culture, but we received many warm greetings and care from friends. Now, I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of all the staff of Protruly, to express my heartfelt thanks to all our friends on all walks of life about the support.


Protruly Group office environment effect pictures


CSCES Steel Structure Building is located in the central area of Shenzhen Bay, surrounded by China Resources, China Aerospace, China Construction, CNOOC, China Railway, Alibaba, Rainbow Shopping Center, Sunshine Insurance and other enterprises, forming a Houhai central business circle. This move will be another important milestone in Protruly’s development process.