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Innovation Works’s founder and his delegation visited Protruly

Pubtime:2017-08-07 Browse number:1035

On April 1, the founder and CEO of the Innovation Works, Lee Kaifu and his delegation visited the headquarters of Protruly Group and exchanged with Zhuang Min, Chairman of the Company, and Vice President Zhou Haolin and Chen Yanghui.


Chairman of Protruly Group Zhuang Min exchanging with Innovation Works’ founder Lee Kaifu


This was Lee Kaifu’s second visit to Protruly. Last year in July, also in Protruly Group’s headquarters, after a deep discussion and visit to exhibition hall, Lee expressed his high recognition about Protruly’s overall vision and strategy vision on being initiative to adpated to the new economy, actively laying out “intelligent hardware+” marketing strategy, starting a new business model, which opened a good chapter for the follow-up cooperation with Protruly.


Last year in September, Protruly subscribed to the stock of Innovation Works with its own funds, to raise fund for the construction of the entrepreneurship college, the deep incubation based on AI (artificial intelligence), AR (enhanced reality) / VR (virtual reality), and other specific areas, the expansion of regional incubator and the replenishment of working capital. In the discussion, Lee introduced the overall development of the 2016 and 2017’s development plan of Innovation Works to Chairman Zhuang. He said that in 2016, Innovation Works closely adhered to the “deep incubation+ regional incubation+ business school” development strategy, highlighting the core business, deeply create an incubation platform and improving brand influence to achive a diversified business model integration.


Lee Kaifu introducing Innovation Works development


Lee express his strong desire to build a more open platform together with industry collegues, so that more entrepreneurs and start-up companies can use the underlying technology and data related to the artificial intelligence to promote the development of the industry. He also introduced a number of upcoming quality projects, hoping to cooperate with Protruly, which had been developing rapidly in the field of artificial intelligence and virtual reality in recent years.


Chairman Zhuang highly recognized the Innovation Works’ foresight and long-term planning in improving the incubation service industry chain to promote the development of cutting-edge technology industry such as artificial intelligence. He introduced Protruly’s overall development situation and the layout in the fields of platform intelligent hardware, smart robot, virtual reality and so on. He said that talent and technology is the fundamental of the development of high-tech industries such as artificial intelligence. The company hoped to strengthen the cooperation of industry, academia and research, integrate multi-resources, speed up the development and transformation of technology and then boost the high-speed and innovative development of all walks of life. Therefore, the company had a high degree of interest about the incubation projects brought by Innovation Works and would determine the further action after a detailed understanding.


In the discussion, the two sides also had a deep discussion and exchange on the artificial intelligence incubation model, business model innovation and other aspects. Through this discussion, Protruly and Innovation Works enhanced the understanding of the integration of resources between the two sides and laid a foundation of strengthen technical and personnel exchanges and further deepen cooperation.