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Technical Support

Protruly actively plans a layout of intelligent hardware+ strategy, starts a new business model, and creates cross-border intelligent hardware full-marketing platform, providing intelligent hardware+ internet+ new media solutions of all kinds of industries for the traditional industries, connecting the traditional industries with intelligence and creating a smart life.

Protruly’s service purposes: Keep commitments, be proactive and go all out.

Protruly’s service slogan: Your problem is my problem, let’s work together to solve it!

A. You can contact with Protruly Electronics in all the questions of the products through any of the above contact information, you can E-mail or contact us on the website "Online Message" at any time.

B. Protruly’s products, covering a full range with scientific design, are all equipped with a perfect manual. If you have any questions about the product during installation or use, you can contact the local branch company, office or agency directly, or contact the service center as described above.

C. Protruly Customer Service Center promise you:

Protruly’s after-sales service staff are all wearing a work card.

Protruly’s after-sales service staff will never ask for your tips, any kind of gifts, including food and water.

Protruly’s after-sales service staff will never smoke in the working hours, striving to offer you high-quality services.

Protruly’s after-sales service staff are holding a service dispatch, you can promptly feedback to us the actual situation and effect of each service.

D. Protruly Customer Service Center will create a file for all the customers who have purchased our electronic products and provide quality services.

E. If you have any dissatisfaction with our services, you can directly call the customer service center to make a complaint.

F. Protuly’s products and services accept the supervision of all the consumers. We are pleased to have your valuable opinion and advice on our products and services.