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Protruly Vision Technology Group is a high-tech enterprise dedicating to provide advanced electronic vision solution, products, technique and service. Since established, Protruly has been focused on developing precision optical-mechanical-electronic imaging and bionic intelligence algorithm with the core of advanced image grabbing, analysis, display and processing technique, simultaneously developing, designing, manufacturing and selling electronic vision products. After several years of development, Protruly has advantages over other competitors on precision optical-mechanical-electronic imaging and bionic intelligence algorithm. With the technique of precision optical-mechanical-electronic imaging and bionic intelligence algorithm, Protruly has become one of well-around enterprises in the electronic vision field.

Protruly vision products can be divided into two series from the technical point, image grabbing analysis products and image display processing products; 6 series from the point of application, products including car night vision, special vision, civil vision, business vision, CCTV vision and intelligent vision. Protruly products covers all steps of precision optical-mechanical-electronic imaging, display, storage, transmission, processing, with the features of day and night imaging, active safety guard, intelligent recognition, and intelligent control. Simultaneously Protruly is integrated with theInternetofVehicles,TheInternetofThings, the Internet. All products produced by Protruly are innovative, advanced, intelligent, fashionable, cross-boundary with great advantages, big potential and wide prospect.

Core technique

The competition of technique on electronic vision products is focused on optical technique, precision mechanical technique, intelligent control technique, computer information technique and microcircuit technique. The coverage and depth of these five techniques in every company determine the competitiveness of this company. Protruly is one of the most comprehensive enterprises in the electronic vision field with the detailed technique.

Protruly Group adopts technique around precision optical-mechanical-electronic imaging and bionic intelligence algorithm to develop advanced electronic vision products. The advantages of this technique reflects in the following 4 aspects:

First, Protruly has comprehensive optical-imaging technique. Protruly is one of the most comprehensive enterprises with optical-mechanical-electronic imaging technique. The technique covers all the steps of optical-imaging technique, including the day and night model with the combination of spherical and aspheric lenses, automatic aperture, HD imaging, high multiples, low color dispersion, the design and development small zoom lens, the application of ultra-permeable, anti-dizzy coating material, all-in-one precision mechanical structure design, precision motor control, laser-beam expanding, homogenization, image enhancement.

Second, Protruly owns the core laser night vision technique. The advantages include comprehensive near infrared, middle and close laser night vision imaging and processing technique and large scale manufacturing with low cost. The self-developed microcircuit day and night aspherical electronic zoom lens with the features of high-speed auto focus, laser-beam homogenization, middle and close laser-beam expanding, solved the problems of day and night imaging with true imaging, large quantity production, low cost.

Third, Protruly has the professional image processing technique. The technique includes 3A(AE,AF,AWB) algorithm, image enhancement, intelligent recognition(lane departure, pedestrian detection alarm).

Fourth, Protruly has innovative bionic intelligence algorithm. With the innovative bionic intelligence algorithm and the basis of day and night HD vision, Protruly provides day and night real time vision monitor, intelligent information processing, and precision system management for clients with the recognition and action of special scene, special target, special behavior, inspection and alarm in advance, face recognition, car number-plate recognition, large quantity video search, real time panoramic splicing, and vision cloud service.

Main products

Based on the advantages of Optics, mechanism, control, computer, information technology, microcircuit technique, Protruly Group, with precision optical-mechanical-electronic imaging and bionic intelligence algorithm, developed two series of products, image grabbing and analysis, image display and processing, and constantly developed products of car night vision, special vision, civil vision, business vision, CCTV vision and intelligent vision.

Protruly car vision series covers car night vision windshield and rear view products, including road condition forecasting, long distance night vision, strong light inhibition, fog penetration, and video recording to provide all kinds of active safety system solutions for basic, luxury, flagship universal vehicles.

Protruly special vision series covers military night vision system, news & broadcasting night vision camcorder, army and police night vision system, maritime night vision system. Special vision products adopt small aspheric optical lenses, auto focus algorithm, HD imaging chip, low light night vision, homogenization red laser beam. The products are widely applied in the field of army, Police, Justice, Fire Control, border defense, coast defense, railway, transportation, mining, fishing, forest, oil, archaeology, broadcasting, and media.

Protruly civil vision series covers mobile companion, family companion, car companion, unmanned machine companion, with day and night imaging, active safety guard, intelligent recognition, intelligent control to integrate with theInternetofVehicles,TheInternetofThings, the Internet for My-Da-rling high-tech products.

Protruly business vision series covers splicing processing products(thin and ultra-thin splicing series), business display products(portable multi-screen synchronization conference system, O2O online and offline digital signage, digital vision advertising system, educational training system, message board system).

Protruly surveillance vision series covers HD small aspheric zoom lens, camcorder chip, all-in-one camera, intelligent PTZ camera to combine with LCD video wall system, adopting self-developed precision optical-mechanical-electronic technique. Besides, Protruly also produces and sells high quality CCTV products for both domestic and overseas CCTV suppliers with OEM/ODM, and Chinese distributors and resellers.

Development strength

Protruly core development team invited experts from state council and respected scholars as technical advisors, all of them with professional experience and techniques. The main production combines with Chinese Academy of Science Xian Precision Mechanism Institute and Hunan Technique Transmission Center.

Quality management and certification

Protruly conducted according to the standard of ISO9001:2008 quality management system, and passed ISO/TS16949:2009 quality certification system. The main products passed China 3C compulsory certification, CE certification, the U.S. FCC certification and the Chinese energy-saving certification.

Charity and Welfare

Protruly Group participated in donation of Yunnan Yilang earthquake, Ya'an earthquake, Chaoshan Flood, Guangxi Impoverished Children. And Protruly Charity and Welfare Committee and Protruly Volunteer Team was established to help and expand charity with local authority charity institute.

Protruly mission:Science &Tech Creates Value

Protruly business purposes:With constant technology innovation, Protruly strives to create value for customers, ensures the profits of the investors and shareholder, provides better life for employees, injects positive energy for the society.

Protruly operating principle: Profession and Trust

Protruly vision: An enterprise with innovation and spirit

Protruly idea of talent: morality, diligence,intelligence,probity,crustiness,politeness,trust

Protruly strategic purpose: Based on present technique and business, Protruly will make more efforts in the development of precision optical-mechanical-electronic imaging and bionic intelligence algorithm, expand the application of precision optical-mechanical-electronic imaging and bionic intelligence algorithm technique.


2012, Be named as China security the most influenced top-10 enterprise.

2012, Be awarded Shenzhen famous brand.

2011, Be invited as Shenzhen high-tech industrial association member unit.

2011, Be awarded China's excellent innovative entrepreneurs.

2011, Became Chinese intelligent HDvideo monitoring industry alliance standing director unit.

2011, Be invited as Guangdong flat panel display industry promotion association vice-chairman unit.

2010,12, Be awarded China security speed dome & zoom camera manufacturer top-10 enterprise.

2010,11, Protruly won 2010 monitoring system of independent innovation brand award.

2010,11, Protruly SLCD product be awarded excellent innovation product special award.

2010, 11, PROTRULY brand and TOYANI brand named as safe city construction excellent security product.

2010, 09, Be awarded national high and new technology enterprise.

2010, TOYANI brand was named as one of the most influenced brand in security industry and recommended brand for safe city construction.

2010, Be awarded Guangdong observing contract and valuing credit enterprise.

2010, Developed Dual-splicing function video wall, launched 4 pictures super monitor, upgraded SLCD wall display with self-developed technology of Dynamic super solution.

2009, Stood out from 3000 ISO enterprise, named as the advanced ISO enterprise by Guangdong province product quality supervision and inspection center.

2009, Launched our core technology product, SLCD changeable wall display. All screens are adopted Samsung DID industry panel and our self-developed control access, software and installing bracket.

2008, Launched self-developed and high cost-effective all-in-one zoom camera and got the full independent intellectual property rights.

2008, Be awarded China security industry top-100 enterprise again, selected as China security product quality userstrustworthy enterprise.

2007, Made outstanding achievementsin system integration supply.

2006, Established the first sales office in Guangzhou, then establishing Beijing office, Hangzhou office, Xinjiang office, Chengdu office, etc. in whole China. Gradually complete Protruly nationwide sales network.

2006, Be awarded The China international patent &brand expo special gold medal of the intelligent security system, be the only awarded enterprise in security field.

2006-Be awarded China security industry top-50 enterprises.

2006, Established Shenzhen Protruly Electronics Co.,Ltd, mainly engaged in electronic productsand computer software and hardware’s research, production and sales.